why i like the ozarks part 2

I wish Falling Spring didn't appear to be plashing on Dianne's head (in other frames it appears to be plashing on Frank's) but in any case the curmudgeon and the lady-of-all-work are two of the main reasons I like the Ozarks. The scenery—even Falling Spring which erupts from a cliff face—is immaterial in comparison with  great friends.
   I will miss all of you.
   Til next year!


why i like the ozarks, part 1

Cane Bluffs, Eleven Point River

Old oaks,  McCormack Lake
Both of these places are close to the Goose, and on one of the last days, we went on an expedition around Oregon County, where I sometimes dwell. It was the perfect day, the perfect light, the perfect company—and the perfect opposite of where I am right now!



Toby turned 75,  and her daughters planned a party. Alas, the surprise was blown the day before, but she still had no idea that her ex-husband and daughter would be in from Portland, Oregon. Nor that so many other friends would be there. The food was delicious (special nod to Delia's vichyssoise with a swirl of parsley oil), the company divine and—yes, we're all another year older.


dry season

My sister took this pic of our fresh water pond. I have never seen it this dry before. OMG!
Meant good beach days, though.
WSJ article about Chinese food delivery on BI.
A video of a whale frolicking off BI.
Article about Cape Cod with pix by Hannah's friend Rachel.
Pal Dr. Bobrow debuts his Huffington Post column with one about babies and allergies.



the last supper

Well SOME people were sorry to say goodbye! For those who want to know, I am just across the border of Ohio.


closing up

The tomatoes are over, the apples are starting. This morning the temperature was 56 degrees in the Ozarks. Time to pull up stakes and roll. Got the river float tubes deflated. Need to move the outdoor furniture indoors. Same thing every year, as regular as the seasons. Shutting down.

happy birthday isaac

IZEE is 2 today! I guess I better B there or B square next year. He doesn't quite get it yet. But, ah, the cake. The motorcycle cake. He gets that!


end o' summer

Often, when the produce becomes overwhelming, I go to gazpacho. This summer, I tried a modification of the New York Times best gazpacho in Spain. I like it with a bit of lime, heirloom tomatoes and somewhat less olive oil. It's particularly good when you can't eat.


on the road again

The Texans prepare to depart the Goose after a gala adventure through Yukon Territory and Alaska.



So. This is my life. Writing about the woman who just dumped me for the third time.
Oh Boy. She is going to be So Sorry!


how she rolls

I forgot to post these pix from CBA's visit. Even without the four cats, she does not travel light. She brought her down quilt, pillows, reading light, sugar (for her coffee), paper towels and all of these bags (plus another row not visible in picture) full of I-don't- know-what. Personal possessions. For four days.
Puts my What's-In-the-Truckloads of couches and chairs and food to shame.